Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our first week of homeschool!!!

We jumped off the boat and starting swimming on Monday. It feels so good to be FREE!! We are able to move at our own pace, do our own thing......and we LOVE it! I had every intention to take a picture the first day of all us in our own "little classroom" but got busy and didn't do it. I did take some pictures on Friday of the kids and Aunt Annie doing an art project. I will post those later tonight.

The kids have taken so well to homeschooling. Which really caught me off guard. I really thought after a couple of days and the excitement wearing off they would begin to miss their friends at school. I've asked them on several different occasions if they liked doing school at home and mommy being their teacher and I always get a very excited "YES"! I can't lie makes me feel really good to hear that.

The twins have already begun learning their letters. They know all the sounds just not the letters by sight. Strange I know! They've worked like little troopers for me. I've loved every minute of it. Nicholas made a A on his first spelling test and was on top of the world. We hung it on the board for all to see. He even last night decided he wanted to read a book just for "fun" and ended up reading 3...yes you read right....3!!! I was sooooooo excited. He's never "enjoyed" reading and only did what he was made. I'm fully aware we'll have days when they hate it and I want to pull my hair out...but we've already had moments that will make it all worth it!


grammyb said...

I just love your blog spot. I love you and these babies very much. You're a GREAT mommy and I know you'll be a GREAT teacher too.

Love, MOM