Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Wednesday...It's Wednesday...It's Wednesday!


You might be asking what's so special about Wednesday. Well I'm going tell you that nothing is special about Wednesday. I'm just giddy this morning.. :O) It's a wonderful day to be giddy about! The weather is beautiful, we are all nice and healthy. The Lord has blessed me richly yet another day I didn't deserve it!

Today's To Do List

  1. Clean up the house.
  2. Laundry
  3. Home School the kiddies.
  4. Nice hot shower. (going do this first)
  5. Clean out the pantry and fridge (never got it done the last time it was on the to do list.)


We are having a Halloween party here on Saturday. It's going to be SO MUCH FUN! Nothing scary mainly for the kids. But everyone has to dress up. David and I are going to have costumes that compliment each other. We are going to be dunking apples, have a dance mash baby, a costume contest, taking a hay ride, and enjoying some nice hot cocoa once we return. We're also going to make Carmel Popcorn Balls for the party (hubby's request). So I've got to get things ready for that. My house is small so the party is going to be outside in the back yard. I need to mow and clean up lawn chairs. No clue what the head count is going to be like but any and all will be fun!

Well I'm off to get some things done!

God Bless