Friday, December 19, 2008


I never have liked those words together...grrr. Even on days like this I still feel so blessed.

My kids are still sleeping. I need to drag them out of bed. I laid down with them last night and woke up at 3am yes you read right 3AM to the boys coming back upstairs after having a knee slappin' good time on the computer while we slept. Boys can't live with em.... sigh I love em tho.

I have all my Christmas cards filled out and addressed. I'm fixin' to take them puppies to the post office yay. Last years Christmas card was nothing more than a picture made. I never got any cards out. I was determined this year. Here's a lookie for ya:

It turned out very well considering :

1) They are sitting in the middle of a total mess.
2) The boys have only undies on from the waist down...hehe.
3) Not one of them I repeat NOT ONE OF THEM wanted to make this picture. But like always,
4) Momma wins!!! (insert evil laugh). hehe

So there you have it. My 3 wonderful lovely babies this Christmas season. Many of you will be gettin them in the mail. Well 23 of you to be exact.

I have GOT to clean this house today. It is a total and utter mess. It has to be cleaned before Christmas morning I can't stand piling a mess on top of a mess. So I gotta hoe out the kids room to make way for more junk.

I got all my errands done yesterday. Went out and robbed the grocery store and Walgreens. Here's my stats:

Food Lion
Shelf price: $45.00
Out of Pocket (oop)- $23.46
Saved-$21.54 or 47% woot!

Shelf- $30.72
OOP- -2.78 (they paid me to take their stuff hehe I LOVE IT!)
Saved- $33.50

I suppose I should get to that cleaning I mentioned. Later Tator.


true blessings said...

Hi there! How are you??Thanks for stopping by my page, BTW ,I happen to love those words together,windy,cold,rainy day!We have been great,busy busy , there's always tons to do ,I actually got some ironing done today,don't know what got into me,that's like my least favorite chore..cute kiddos!ciao