Monday, September 1, 2008

Come in take a tour of my home :)

This is the Living Room. It is small but cozy! The quilt on the wall in the first picture was handmade by my great grandmother as a wedding present to me and my hubby.

This is the kitchen. It's also small but we love it. The large cabinet by the stove is my pantry. It's nice and roomy holds all the things I need it to.

This is the laundry room. We live in an old house. Built 1940 so it has no closets. We keep most of our clothes in the laundry room, hanging and in 2 dressers. The large blue tote under the hanging clothes is where I keep all our extra sheets and blankets.

The is one of only 2 small closets we have. This is in the laundry room and holds cleaning supplies, iron & board. I also have a laundry basket under the bottom shelf for dirty clothes.

Here's the dining room. It's off the kitchen. It has our bedroom, the stair case and the bathroom off it. We have a nook table set. It fits perfectly like it was made for this room. We lucked up and bought it used for 1/2 the original cost. It has a second chair I had it at the computer when I made this picture.

Here's our one and only bathroom. It has the 2nd small closet in it.

I sectioned off one end of our bedroom with king size sheets. We use 1/2 of this area for storage and the other half for our clothing. The top shelf holds sleep pants, sleep tops and Davids uniforms. The 2nd shelf holds pants and shorts. The top of the dresser has tee shirts.

I didnt make pictures of the upstairs or the rest of our bedroom. The kids rooms are upstairs. I'll also make more pics of our bedroom.