Monday, August 11, 2008

Share Jesus Without Fear

I'm currently reading this book and I've loved it. It reminds us that as Christians it is our duty to share the word with non believers. In hopes that they will accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I've always believed Jesus died on that cross for my sins and I was very thankful for that. But what I never did was show it in my actions or words that I was a Christian. I for the majority of my adult life have lived how ever "I" wanted to. Never stopping to listen to God. And and can tell you that when I make decisions on my own I fail 100% of the time. I had never witnessed or attempted to witness to anyone. I was scared of getting rejected and then being embarrassed because of it. I've always had compassion for others and a desire to help others. But without doing it in the name of the Lord it meant nothing.

So today I was in a online game room going to play some cards. As I was watching the tables and reading in the lobby God spoke to me and said " see if anyone wants a closer relationship with Jesus". So I started to type it then stopped and erased it. I thought I can't say that I was pretty for sure what the answer to my question was going to be and I didn't want to start "trouble" for myself. Well that "feeling" wouldn't go away. That feeling of failure and shame. So I typed it in and put it out there. Once I did I felt like a house had been lifted off my heart. And it only took a couple of seconds for an answer to come back from someone in the room. I won't repeat that answer here it wasn't very nice. But even tho I got a nasty reply back. I was so happy in the fact that I had obeyed and did what God led me to do. I couldn't help but :)