Tuesday, September 30, 2008

He's always talking but we rarely listen.

As I was attempting jogging up and down the driveway with my husband earlier (10 times makes a mile) I noticed 2 of my car windows rolled down. As clear as I'm sitting here right now I heard a voice tell me to roll them up before I went in. Now it hasn't rained here in a long time. Nothing outside suggested rain. I normally can feel it in my knees when it is going to come one. So I brushed it off and when we finished I drug walked myself right on in the house and never gave it another thought.

Fast forward 5 hours to 12am and as we lay in bed within seconds of peaceful slumber what's the sound we begin to hear? Oh you guessed it. A blooming flood coming down outside. My first thought (of course) is my windows. Had I listened earlier and rolled them up my poor hubby wouldn't had to of gone out in the flood to roll them up for me. :)

Now I realize that not rolling up car windows isn't a life changing event. But it was a reminder ( a wet one for little davie ) that I need to listen when he speaks. He ALWAYS has our best interest at hand. Now earlier the thought of making 10 extra steps to get to the car to roll up those windows I didn't feel was in my best interest. He knew different!

We need to be alert at all times. Listen and follow what we are told. It's all laid our for us like a nice little packaged road map. Granted 9 times outta 10 not the road we would pick but in the end always the best route to take.

Lord please open my eyes and ears so that I might better follow and serve you! Lead me down the path you want me to take! And please my Dear Lord stay with me and help me up when I stumble.