Monday, September 29, 2008

Right on track...

So far the day is going as planned. Hubby made us a wonderful breakfast this morning while I finished up a few details on my lesson plans. We are on lunch right now. Kids are going to go out and play for about 30 min. We will resume around 2pm. Nick has reading and hand writing left. The twins have math left. We will do a group money lesson. We also will do our memory verse and devotion after lunch.

We will also be having a health lesson on Mondays but I ran out of ink in my printer and can't print their worksheets. So Health has been moved to Thursday. I'm not driving 30 miles today just for ink.

Attitudes have been pretty good today. I'm still having to remind Nick A LOT to go on to the next question, get back to work, pay attention. He gets distracted sooooooo easy.

I made 2 "quiet areas" today to help me keep the twins occupied while Nick finishes his work. The days David is here I send them to him. He does activities with them like counting or reading. The days he is at work I need them to occupy themselves once they finish their work. I made a quiet area behind the couch and in a corner of my bedroom. I put a small basket with crayons, construction paper, play dough and flash cards in them.