Saturday, September 27, 2008

A new living room!

Well not But I did rearrange it this morning. I also added a coffee table in the mix. I love it. Hubby is excited to get home and see it all. Here are some pics.

The couch moved to the other end of the room. Behind the couch and in front of the window I have an old trunk with some flowers and picture frame on it.

These are the flowers. They are in an old old mayo jar we found it out in the woods and cleaned it up. These are dried roses that I carried when I was in my sisters wedding back in June.

This is a better view of the small trunk. I love old trunks. My living room is small and I still managed to squeeze 4 of them in there.

This is the other end of the room going toward the kitchen. You'll notice the quilt still hanging behind the tv. That is coming down I just didn't feel that spunky today :)

This is the other old black trunk. It's much bigger than the one behind the couch. I am going to hunt for some old books to set that lamp on to elevate it. Until then 4 stamp sets covered with a primitive towel will have to do.

This is one of my favorites. Its an old trunk with an even older white metal counter for a top. The best part about it is it didn't cost us one penny. We found the trunk in a building behind our house when we moved here and the top in the attic. I think I'm going to paint the trunk and take that metal off of it. Any ideas on what color I should paint it?

This is another view of the coffee table.