Wednesday, October 8, 2008

rain rain go away.... well not really..we really needed you...

Was a gloomy rainy day here today. We had a hard time getting motivated. We did manage to get all our schooling finished. We did all normal subjects today with the addition of Gun Safety. Well really what you should do if you find a gun. Not safety in how to use a gun. The kids expressed understanding of the dangers of a gun in the hands of kids their ages.

David got "call" from work today. So he got to hang here with us. He didn't even get called in! Was wonderful to get to keep him here.

I pray that tomorrow I get up in a much more motivated mood. Normal cleaning got done. I even managed to hoe out the pile of dirty dishes out of the fridge. Its not clean now it's just not crammed full.

We've been working on tying shoes around here. I'm getting to fat old to keep bending over to tie shoes around here! So I forget how many days we've been on tie drill but tonight Addison came running yelling " I can tie. I can tie. I can't believe I can tie!" She has been working the hardest. This of course motivated the boys. They once again was in shock that they had allowed their sister to out do them..hehe. So off they went shoe in hand. Well Nick learnt to tie his shoes tonight also. So that's 2 down 1 to go....whooo hooo!

Now if I could just teach them to . Mop. Wash, dry and put away laundry. Clean the John. Heck even just pick up toys without me having to tell them to do it. Hey a girl can dream can't she?

Just incase anyone has forgotten just how darn cute my brats angels are here's another picture: