Friday, October 17, 2008

The weekend is here...yippie!

Today was an average day around here. School was done. Kids running playing fighting. The twins and I ran to the grocery while David and Nick went to Wal-mart to get a new tire for his truck.

I have a master shopping list that I print each Friday and type up and print out a new menu for the week. I check everything I need and how many and me and the kids hit the store. It takes us about 20 min's and we are out of there. Shopping with a menu and list makes it so much easier. I use to despise going. Now I love it. It's a challenge to see how low I can get our grocery bill. This week was higher than normal. I needed some staples and I got charged for a package of meat that I didn't have. Oh well I suppose. This week I bought groceries for 21 meals for 5 people. The total was 143.19. So we averaged 1.36 a person each meal. Not to bad! Sure can't eat out for that. Tonight we are going to supper at my mom and dads.

David and Nick still aren't home. Addie and Ayden are vacuuming the dining room. Having a blast. No telling what all they've sucked up. Prolly stuff I'll be hunting for the next month and won't find till I empty the canister on the vac. The joy of kids..:)

Next weeks schooling is all planned out. Lesson plans are finished. I got on the net today and printed off our health and social studies lessons. We didn't get to our science lesson today. So I just pushed it onto next Friday. It's a unit study about dino's. 

Well I'm off to my parents. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

God Bless