Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Howdy! We've been so busy around here I haven't been able to blog. So I'm gonna just plop it all out here.

We LOVE Fall around here. I love the leaves changing and falling off. We love pumpkin festivals and Halloween parties. Our first Fall activity this year was making Carmel Apples :) Yummy!!
Here's Addie unwrapping all the carmel's .


Here's Daddy melting them for us.


The apples all ready to be dipped!


The kids all took turns dipping their apples.




The finished product!


We popped some pop corn and with the left over carmel made Carmel Corn! It was soooo yummy!


We watched a family movie and enjoyed our apples. I forgot to make a picture of the kids enjoying them!

School is moving right along as planned. We finally found a schedule that fits us PERFECT! Just enough to keep us moving but not so strict we feel like we are behind all the time. Nicholas is working on graphing data. He took a survey and is going to make the graph tomorrow. The twins are moving right along in their reading. It's a slow but steady process. I found a wonderful template and printable's for making a phonic flip chart for beginner readers. It can make over 150 cvc words. Here's a couple pics of it.



We find ourselves more and more at the kitchen table doing school. For some reason it just feels right and everything runs smooth. So I finally set up a small schooling center in the dining room. The shelf came from wal-mart and I think we gave $9.00 for it.

The top shelf as book we are using, our small marker boards and my planner.

The second shelf holds the kids "book boxes". Each one has everything that child needs for class that day in it. Each morning I take all 3 to the table and pull and replace books from it during the day. Makes cleaning up at the end of the day a snap. The 3rd shelf has art supplies. The bottom is a mixture of things. Extra erasers, markers, glue and teaching aids. The blue and red box sitting on the floor is a complete never used Hooked on Phonics set I picked up at a yard sale for $20.00!!!!


We got a WONDERFUL surprise. My fil was rewarded a gift from work for 30yrs service. He had several things to chose from and decided to get the kids a world globe for school. It arrived yesterday and we fell in LOVE! It wasn't at all what we expected. Can you believe we got this FREE!! We had been wanting one for a while. A table top one of course. And we get this GIVEN to us! God is GREAT! He always provides. Thanks Ricky for a wonderful gift!



See Ayden in the back ground. That's right where the globe is going to live.

Today was also Ayden's doctors appointment with the Neuro doctor. We got bitter sweet news. First he is NOT having seizures! Praise the LORD! He has what's called Touretts Syndrome. Which explains a lot of Ayden! :) The throat clearing and weird eye movements are vocal and motor tics. When both are present it's TS. His strange little OCD like tendencies and frequent melt downs we found out ties into this syndrome also. He's still such a special little man who has kept us moving!

Well that's all for now. I'm off to watch a movie with the family!


gaby said...

Hi! it's me again, I had forgotten to set my blog to public, i have not had it for very long . but I'm going to post some pics up of my apt. , we are currently renting aka shack, our house is being built, and I just got a new digital camera, so pretty soon I'll be posting pics left and right!

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