Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ready for the up coming week...

I sat down today and got my lesson plans done for this upcoming week. We won't be having any class on Thursday. Ayden has to be in Nashville to see the Pediatric Neurologist at 10am. So the whole day will be filled with that. I do still lack printing out my health , social studies and science worksheets for next week. But I'll prolly wait until I need them to print them. Decreases the chance of them becoming a coloring sheet or paper airplane.

I got the house all pick up today. Seems like over the last few days all this stuff came out of nowhere. But today we found it all a home and the house is back in shape. Clutter drives me crazy. I LOVE to throw stuff away! Unfortunately I have a husband who doesn't . Our house is small (which I love) and we have to use every inch creatively. I love the challenge of it! I adore small and cozy which is wonderful since we can't afford grand and luxurious! :)

This weeks memory verse is John 14:15. I'm surprised at how fast the kids memorized the memory verses. A lot faster than this old brain. Well seeing's how it is 2:30 am I suppose I should lay down.

The kids and I (David has to work) are going to get up in the morning and go to church. We really love the church we attend. Granted we don't get there as much as I'd love and for that there is no excuse other than pure laziness. At church or at home I'm still LOVING MY LORD!


true blessings said...

Hi, found your blog through Candy's, and I already read all of your posts, let me just tell you, that I absolutely love your house, so cute and cozy, well organized , good job! Also ,as I was reading about homeschooling I felt like maybe I need to be homeschooling, but I dk if it's from God, or even if my kids would enjoy that, my 12 yr old , is in a really good charter school, my girls are still in elementary 2nd and 5th, and I have my toddler, so I dk if they are already to old? what do you think, and you post more pics of you! do you have any recipes to share, I added your blog to my faves!!Thanks ,gaby

Bridget said...

Hello! Thanks so much for the compliments. But I must confess my house doesn't always stay Home schooling is WONDERFUL!! We love it! But it does have it's not so fun days ( as with anything ). Your kids aren't to old at all. I love keeping the kids home with me. We have a blast.

Pray about it.
Talk to your husband.
Let God lead you in it.

Do you have a blog page. There wasn't a link from the comment you left.

God Bless