Friday, May 8, 2009

Feel good Friday

When I was a child, Friday was my favorite day. I can't describe the feeling I had as I ran out of the school and jumped on the bus, knowing I didn't have to be back for 2 days. Even though we home school, I still get that same feeling of pure excitement for my kids when Friday arrives. Seeing how we don't school on Friday (Mon-Thurs yr round), you would think I'd getting this feeling on Thursday afternoon. Must just be programmed into me wee little brain.
I'm still doing laundry. To be honest I don't even know now how many loads I'm at. I have about 7 loads left. Pure guess. Let's see what else. We woke up early early this morning to a thunder storm. It woke Addison up who was in her bed screaming bloody murder. So I brought her to the couch and she settled right back down. David woke up and checked the weather sites then woke me back up to fill me in. I was knocked out on Ambien. I didn't really care, but I did mumble thanks as I rolled over and went back to my happy place. Since it was pouring down rain this morning that most likely knocks out going to the park. The merry go round will be flooded and my kids will "accidentally" fall in it over and over and over. Not that it's a big deal, but it gripes my ass for them to be covered in muddy water. I try to chill and not worry about petty crap like that. I don't always succeed.
The pools will be open soon and the camping can begin. We LOVE to camp. When we do we live at the pool. It's the only thing we do other than camp fires, smores, grilling and such. Every year we anxiously await our first trip to start the summer off. Camping is a ton of work also. We don't mind at all. We love it that much. But before the fun can begin the work must be done. I must go reboot laundry.
Have a VERY blessed and wonderful weekend.
Till next time,