Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Good. The Bad. The Sad.

G' morning errr Afternoon. I suppose. I haven't been outside yet but it looks soooo pretty out today. I don't think we are due any rain today. I do think it's suppose to rain tomorrow.  Mom and dad came over to pick up the BBQ sauce my awesome hubby made and loved it. They stayed a bit and we chatted. As hubby and I started cooking supper Addison fell going UP the stairs. Of course I rushed to see who was hurt and found her with blood pouring out of her mouth. SCARED me to DEATH! She tore her lip away from her gum. Hard to explain really. Last night her mouth didn't look to awful bad. Upper lip swelled the size of her head. But no bruising or such. This morning is all together a much different story. Bless.Her.Heart! Her poor mouth looks AWFUL! Lip still huge. Entire inside one big ole' bruise. Outer lip is also bruised. But surprisingly enough she says it doesn't hurt. Hurts me just looking at it. I'm just so thankful she is ok. The upside to her still missing her front teeth is if they had been there she would have knocked them out. OUCH!
We have some pretty exciting weekends coming up. Exciting by our standards any ways. lol. Saturday the 23rd, Hubby and I are going on a canoe trip. 12miles~6hours. This of course will be kid free. My mom said she would keep my hellions angels. June 3rd is the start of the annual yard sale trip. My mil, granny, Addison and I are leaving on a 2 night 3 day adventure into yard sale land. WE love it. This will be Addison's first year going. We leave out one Wednesday and drive about 3 hours away to the starting point of the yard sales. We get a hotel room and chill and get early early Thursday morning and start looking for bargains. It's so much fun. David and the boys are going to do something fun and boyish while we are gone. They haven't decided what that activity is just yet. And that ends the exciting stuff.
Wednesday the 27th I go to get my allergy testing done. That should be interesting. I will however, be glad to start some type of allergy shots so I can once again enjoy the outdoors. Because camping season is almost here!!! YAY!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE to camp! We can not wait!
Please keep sweet little Kayleighs family in your thoughts and prayers. Little Kayleigh went home to the Lord last night. Even though it was expected it still wasn't the ending everyone had prayed for. Expected or not, it's still so heart wrenching for her family. Please pray they will feel the comfort of the Lord during this very hard time.
Till next time,