Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday


Just another Monday here at the Traylor house. School is done. Cleaning is as done as it's gonna get. I'm thinking a nap sounds pretty darn good right now. My allergies are acting up and they make me want to just lay my head down.
Mom and I went coupon shopping last night and got some great deals. The best would have to be an Air Wick Starter Kit. Normal price $12.00 on sale for $6.00 and we had $4.00 coupons. So we only paid $2! Woot Woot.
I also picked up some white crates for the laundry room to keep our lounge clothes in. Our house was built back before people needed closets. So every piece of clothing we own stays in the laundry room. There are 2 long rods. The kids shirts and Addison's dresses hang above the washer and dryer. The other rod is where all me and hubby's  shirts hang. There are also 2 dressers. One houses the boys pants and shorts the other Addison's pants and shorts and all of their sleep clothes. A square tote houses all the socks and our undies. I do not match up socks. I despise it. Come winter I've decided I am throwing out every sock in this house and buying new. It's time. They all look really bad any ways. I love love love that I don't have to pack clothes all over this house. I know me and I know they would never get put away. They'd just sit in baskets in the laundry room any ways.
I think I'm going to go lay my head down now. My parents are coming over to pick up some BBQ sauce so I'm going to grab a nap before they get here.
Till next time,