Sunday, May 17, 2009

House Tours

Painting the kitchen lit a spark in me. This happens every so often. Now I've decided to do a home tour of each room and a list of things I want/need to get done. I do ask in advance that you not think badly of me when this is finished. So here goes.
Room 1 is the Living Room                                        

011 Tv area, the black trunks with the lamp on top work as a end table for the recliner. David is currently laid out asleep in said recliner. So it's not really visible. The top of the Tv cabinet is full of picture frames, a lamp and some green ivy. Most of the frames don't have pictures in them yet. That's going on my to do list.

012 Across from the Tv area is this. Nothing big. Don't mind Nicholas laid out on the couch. The one thing I'd love to change about this area is the way that curtain hangs. I've tried everything to make it hang like the other window treatment. Moving on.

010 Computer area. This is right next to the kitchen . Really no complaints here. We just set this area up a couple of months ago. See how much better the curtain in this pictures hangs compared to the one in the above picture.
Front Door. Lot's to do here. For starters all those shoes. Buried under there is a great shoe rack. All I need to go is throw out some shoes and pack away winter boots/shoes. I want to repaint the door. The inside new coat of white. The outside 3rd coat of green. No other complaints here. The door to the left there leads into the master bedroom. Where more kids than adults sleep. I need that on my to do list.
Next room: Kitchen
Till next time,