Monday, May 18, 2009

Home Tour Part 2 Kitchen

Here  is where it all began. As we all know the kitchen is freshly repainted. Now there's other things that need to be done.
The big cabinet is our pantry. The stand next to it is a rolling kitchen island type thing. It holds the toaster oven and extra baking dishes. On the wall with the star I'm wanting to hang some all white country looking plates. I figure 3 of them. Not sure on all that yet.
017  Stove central. Not much here. I am on the hunt for some type of cute picture for above the stove. I'm thinking it's also time for new burner covers.
018 One end of the kitchen counter. That door there leads to the living room. This area is a major hot spot. Everything collects here. So that's an on going thing.
019 Sink. Please over look the dirty dishes. I was to lazy to stick em in the dishwasher before I made the picture.
020 The other end of the counter. Our second biggest hot spot in the house. The wallpaper will be changed. I don't really know to what yet.
021Built in shelves. Holds our spices, jellies, BBQ sauces and boxed crackers. We also keep our Capri Suns stacked here. There are 27 boxes there.
022 Top of the fridge is where the microwave lives, due to the lack of counter space. We also keep opened boxes of cereal and chips up there. I need to straighten that up.
015 The last corner of the kitchen. As you can see here is where all my over flow tp and paper plates gets dumped. That door there leads to the basement. The door you see to the left leads to the laundry room. Only thing here is to find all that stuff a place to live.
Well that wraps up the kitchen. Next up laundry room.

Till next time,