Monday, May 4, 2009

Ramblings and a few important things.

I for some reason, can't seem to stick with this blogging business. I need to put a sticky on my desk that says " Hey you got a blog. Go blog on it! ". I might remember then. Sigh. Old age sucks!
Anyway's moving on. smile_regular
Things are going pretty darn well around here. Warm weather FINALLY arrived. We had several really pretty days and now it's back to rainy and chilly. Not really cold just not warm either.
Home School is going great. No regrets there. Still REALLY REALLY glad we decided to join the weirdo's . Every now and then something will happen that reminds me that we live a totally different life style than most. The kids are learning. I was worried about that part. I LOVE that our life isn't run run run. That crap would drive me crazy. Life is to darn short to not spend some quiet time at home with just the family.
Let's see what else. I'm still a coupon addict. Yesterday I rocked Walgreens! Left with a big ole smile plastered across my face. Then went back in and done it again! I've been waiting a long time for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to go on sale. I held out hope that one day my dream of a coupon and a sale at the same time would happen. My dream came true yesterday! .65 for a box of 2!! I am now the very proud owner of 40 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! That should last me a long while. Sad I know. Nothing screams old crazy housewife better than that. Either way it still tickled my fancy.
Speaking of coupons and getting stuff free, I found a wonderful charity in South Africa. You can check it out here. It's a wonderful group of ladies that make the cutest little bags for new mothers. They fill each bag with baby items and a few items for the mother as well. There are a lot of very poor people in need in parts of SA. They love and very much need donations. So for all you coupon girls who get tons of toothpaste and toothbrushes think about sending them to Bosom Buddies. They can sure put them to a very good use.
Till next time,
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