Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Way back when....


Whew. I've actually gotten quite a lot accomplished today. This house was a mess. Not a bad mess, just a mess. I got it all cleaned up. Got my load of laundry for the day in the washer. I love having it caught up. I need to wash linens tomorrow.
Our big date weekend is almost here. I'm excited. The kids are staying with Grandma and Grandpa the WHOLE weekend. So we will have Friday night, all day Saturday and all night Saturday ALONE. We haven't had any alone time in a long time. I'm so so so excited! We are going on that canoe trip Saturday. It's going to be so much fun. I love my babies but I also love some alone time with my hubby. 
Here's a picture of the twins from a long time ago. They where around 2 1/2 here. I came across it and just had to share it.
Addison and Ayden playing babies
They use to push each other in that shopping cart. They where so much fun to watch. I'd love to have them that small again.
Addison can officially ride her bike. She wanted the training wheels taken off a while ago. She can surf right up and down the drive way now.
Here's a picture of Nicholas from a long time ago also. I love love this picture and can remember this exact moment like it was yesterday. We had taken him to the Louisville Zoo and when we walked in to see this he kept pointing and saying "kitty kitty". It was too cute.
Nicholas at the zoo_0002 
An interesting little fact. Exactly 2 years after this picture was taken I was giving birth to twins! Look at all that hair.  Nick had the prettiest blonde curls!
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true blessings said...

oh..nice kitty!!lol, I have a pic like that only it's a white tiger, I was scared ...cause I think that tiger was reading my mind LOL

true blessings said...

cute babies!I want a baby!!