Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I thought it would be fun

to do some interviews and blog them. Nicholas is up first. 

1.What would you do with $100? I buy Addison a Nintendo DS.

Note- How sweet is that. Of course this answer would change as fast as moods do around here.


2. If you could go anywhere in the world to visit, where would you go?

Codie and Paytons house and Grandma & Grandpas house. I think that's all.

Note- My kids dream big.


3. What is one new thing you would like to try?

Transformer cartoon toy. The one with the purple shield.

Note- I have no clue what toy this is or where he seen it. But knowing it has a purple shield narrows it down.


4. What is your most favorite memory?

I'm guessing Ben 10 Alien Force.

Note- I questioned his answer and tried to clarify what the question meant. I was quickly cut off and told matter of fact this is indeed his most favorite memory. Yes sir.


5. What's your favorite food?

Noodles. Beef ones.

Note- Along with dreams of travels across the land. They also love fine cuisine.


6. What's your favorite toy?

Well. Um. Um. Why are you writing um. This one because it's got 3 heads.

Note- He keeps a toy in his hand at all times. It's always his favorite. He spreads the love.

7. Who's your best friend?

Daddy, Codie, Payton, You, Stinky, Grandpa, Grandma, Brandon, Addison and Ayden.

Note- He spreads the love with people too. Or so it seems.


8. If you could have one present this year, what would it be?

Transformers Helicopter with purple shield and the canon turns into a sword.

  Note to self. Remember this come July 8th.


9. What is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing to do is. uh. lets see. Play on my psp and play on the computer.

Note- But not play with your favorite toy. Odd.


10. Where do babies come from?

Huh. MMM. Bellies. Why you have to ask me that.

Note- This question embarrassed him. He wasn't happy with me.


true blessings said...

That is too cute and funny, I 'm going to try this with my kiddos, wonder what they'll say about the baby question,maybe I shouldn'