Saturday, July 18, 2009

Interview #3


1. Please state your full name and age.

Ayden Traylor Chase. 6yrs old.


2. What would you do if a cop pulled you over while driving?

I'd give him my license.


Because that's what you all did before.

Note: I did give the cop my license even though Ayden encouraged me to stomp it and run.

3. What do you think about Mommy coupon shopping?

I like it. Because I got coupons too.

Note: The boy knows a good deal when he sees one.

4. Who's the boss around here?

You and daddy.

Note: Huh. Wonder why he has to be reminded of this daily.

What would you do if you were the boss?

Send my kids to their rooms.

Note: Promptly after beating them. I've over heard his conversations with Addison's baby dolls.


5. What is your most favorite toy?

Batman and Racing Cars. And Scooby Doo. Oh I forgot Spiderman too.

Note: He broke everyone.


6. Are you excited about anything right now?



7. Who's your best friends?

Codie, Grandma, Mindy, Ricky, Granny Traylor, Grandpa, Payton, You, Daddy, Addison and Nick.

Note: This question is never simple with my kids.


8. What's your most favorite thing to do?

Go to Chuck E Cheese. So I can have coins and a big ticket.

Note: Life's all about a big ticket.


9. What do you think #9 should be?

Uh #10

Note: aka "Let's end this crap"


10. Where do babies come from?

From your belly. Because if you have a baby it comes from your belly.

Note: Like. Where else would it come from. Duh.


Tereza said...

Hi I just found your blog and I had fun browsing around:) I love the lighthearted tone!