Friday, December 14, 2007

Our first lap books!!!!

We made our first lap books today and I have fallen in love. I love this avenue of learning so much. The kids really enjoyed making them. Nicholas' lap book is all about math. He decided he wanted to draw a airplane on the front so we labeled his "Soaring high in Math". The airplane didn't turn out the way he wanted and well the writing is all run together but we love it! We included odd/even number, a reminder on when you need to borrow when subtracting(he has trouble with this) and we also included 0 1 2 3 times tables. We are just starting these and I think this will make a great study tool for him. After he learns these we will make another with more of the times tables in them. I love that this can go on the road with us and he can study them going down the road! I'm in love!!! lol.....ok I'll quit now :-).. Addison and Ayden did a lap book together. Theirs is all about numbers and letters. I wrote the numbers 1-10 and then Addison put the circles next to each number. I also wrote the alphabet upper and lower case and Ayden decorated the extra squares at the bottom. I also included some simple addition problems and b&c blends. They are so proud of the final product. I see us doing this every Friday! Since this is our first time we didn't try any fancy folds but we will explore those next time.